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Walk-In Showers By Don Clayton

Walk-in showers offer an incredible range of customization, with more options than a standard bath. For example, did you know that we can install our specialized Inline Seated Shower™, a sturdy, convenient, customized seat that makes showering easier, while still matching the decor of your bathroom? Read about some of the walk-in shower options that Don provides:

Custom Bathroom
  1. Our low, 4-inch shower lips are significantly easier to enter than a 15-inch or higher bathtub.
  2. Inline Seated Showers™ provide a durable, customized shower seat to ease bathing and provide stability, all while matching the existing decor of your bathroom.
  3. Inline Seated Showers™ are sturdy, and because they're built in to the shower, they won't tip over like portable seats.
  4. Inline Seated Showers™span the full width of the shower, and are much easier to use than the small, flimsy seats installed by other builders.
  5. Multiple security bars can be installed in locations specified by the customer.
  6. Spa Treatment™ full-glass shower wall allows maximum lighting in the shower.
  7. Multiple mounted and handheld showerheads can be installed for convenience.

And we do it all for less than the competition!

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